There is nothing more profoundly comforting than the knowledge that you aren't alone. Below you will find the real stories of real women. We are all bound by a common thread.

** Please note that some of these stories may be uncomfortable reading. Take care and reference the 'Mental Health Resources' tab at the top of the page if you need further support. **

This project was inspired by peer support and the huge benefits of admitting vulnerability, and it aims to be therapeutic for both the writer and the reader. The definition of peer support is when people share knowledge, experiences and practical help with each other. It has obvious benefits for those whom are being supported but there is also evidence that it is beneficial to the writer too, as the knowledge that one is ‘doing good’ supports self-esteem, self-worth and confidence – the benefits of this being that it further increases the writer’s own resilience to mental health wobbles. There is also evidence that writing helps people to organise their thoughts, process emotions, attribute meaning and make connections. 

Stories of Resilience is a collection of stories written by women about personal challenge or hardships which they’ve endured and survived. The project is open to all, and my sincere hope is that a wide range of women and experiences will be represented. 

This project is something that I truly believe in. It’s a model I know works, because it has worked for me.

We all have challenges and hardships to overcome. Our circumstances differ, but if you have enough honest conversations you’ll discover that we are all more alike than appearances may initially suggest.

I find that writing has huge therapeutic value, as does voicing something difficult. It almost instantly feels like a release and over time it will help whatever it is to lose it’s power. I know that this can seem scary or overwhelming at first, and you’re welcome to contribute anonymously if you would like to. You also don’t need to be a professional writer.

Would you like to share your story – or even just a piece of it? Click the button below to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.