Hello! I’m Iris, and I’m the woman behind this not-quite-new-but-still-sparkly website which took hours (and more than a few bottles of wine) to build. This space is a passion project of mine, and as such, it’s deeply personal. On these pages you will find our family’s adventures, challenges, and joys. It is also an outlet for me as I attempt to retain my identity as a woman and not simply someone’s mother, a struggle which I’m sure many of you can appreciate.

What started out as a place to discuss mental health has evolved into more of a lifestyle space – with a bit of substance, I’d like to think! This has been both a natural progression as I become more comfortable with sharing our world with you all, as well as an increasing appreciation for a holistic approach to mental and physical health care – one in which the whole person and circumstances are considered. As people, we don’t exist in a vacuum, and so it is important that when we are considering our mental health that we do so in a way which reflects this. I also believe that it is infinitely kinder (and substantially more efficient) to teach our children healthy life skills than it is to attempt to mend broken adults.

So, what are you going to find on these pages?

You’ll find that I’ve grouped the content on this space into four different categories; motherhood, wellbeing, marriage and style. That is because all of these things feed me and play a continuous role in shaping my life experiences.

I am unapologetic about the fact that I love clothes and style, and so you will see me chat about and explore that here. I’ve had a bit of a funny relationship with this aspect of myself since entering motherhood, and I’ve slowly come to realise that the emergence of little people into my life doesn’t – and shouldn’t – mean that I am forced to give up big chunks of myself. Yes, I’ve had to re-evaluate, and my perspectives have, rather drastically, shifted but this part of me still remains – and I’m doing my best to nurture it in a way which aligns with my values.

Why do I blog and share our lives with you?

I find writing therapeutic, it’s just one of the ways that I take care of myself. I also believe in the sisterhood of mothers, and the idea that it takes a village. One of the things which was significant to me as a struggled with perinatal anxiety (something which I delve into a bit more here) was finding a relatable example of another woman who was experiencing some of the same things that I was. I wanted to be a part of a community, and I was hoping for inspiration in how to help me manage these new and often-scary experiences. I can’t begin to take the place of qualified or professional support (see here for contact details of resources and support) but I hope that you take some comfort in knowing that you aren’t alone.

I’d love to connect with you, so please reach out – for any reason! Don’t be shy. I can be contacted via the contact page or you can email me directly at hello@luellaandrose.com.


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