Hello! I’m Iris, and I’m the woman behind this not-quite-new-but-still-sparkly website which took hours (and more than a few bottles of wine) to build. This space is a passion project of mine, and as such, it’s deeply personal. On these pages you will find our family’s adventures, challenges, and joys. Mental health is something that is hugely important to me, so much so that I decided to retrain as a Mental Health Nurse and am now two years into a three year programme! My studying and my personal life continuously fuse together, and I am always utilising these newly acquired tools and skills. To be effective, mental health care needs to be addressed in a holistic way, in which the whole person and circumstances are considered; and it is this, as well as my belief that it is kinder and more effective to teach healthy life skills to our young people, that drives this space. But all of this seriousness isn’t to say that we don’t make time for indulgences, life (and happiness) is all about balance after all – or at least, an attempt at balance!


What are you going to find on these pages?

Motherhood and family life – I find writing therapeutic, it’s just one of the ways that I take care of myself. I also believe in the sisterhood of mothers, and the idea that it takes a village. Motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart, and we really are all in it together.

Mental health – resources, rants, musings, and tricks I’ve learned along the way. I experienced perinatal anxiety and panic attacks with the first two of my pregnancies and I share my journey because it’s one of the ways that I’ve learned to manage my anxiety. I also believe that the more we speak about mental health the faster we can normalize it.

Fashion and style – it was a big part of my life before babies and I struggle constantly with how to integrate this love into my life as a mother. Retaining pieces of my pre-mama self grounds me and strengthens my sense of identity as a woman and not just a mother. We give up so much of ourselves when we become mothers, and I feel passionately that we have to actively look to retain these pieces of ourselves if we are to truly find balance.

I’d love to connect with you, so please reach out – for any reason! Don’t be shy. I can be contacted via the contact page or you can email me directly at hello@luellaandrose.com.