Maverick Mums and The Matriarch Adventure

Maverick Mums and The Matriarch Adventure.


15th May 2021

A wild, life-changing wilderness adventure just for moms. 

Do you dream of relighting your independent, adventurous soul… is it lurking somewhere beneath the dirty-washing pile?

As you finish up another domestic chore, crammed between working for a living, speedcooking a meal and arranging another school pick-up, do you ever dream of a future when you can relight your slightly lost, independent and adventurous soul?

Meet wanderluster, mother and founder of Maverick Mums, Rhiannon Swannell. After the sudden death of her father and frusterated with the balancing act of family responsibility and a desire to reconnect with her authentic self, she has joined forces with Catherine Edsell; expedition leader and founder of The Matriarch Adventure™ to provide an African adventure that supports mums to step away from their ordinary lives.

This transformative, empowering and fully suported ‘Maverick Mums Matriarch Adventure’ is for mums, step mums, foster mums and grandmas who have an adventurous spirit, care about the environment and want to spend time in the company of other women who feel the same. It runs from 6-15 May 2022 and embraces the ultimate in ‘me time’ with a total digital detox.

Ten days, a group of maverick mums in the Namibian wilderness, tracking elusive desert elephants (the most iconic matriarchs there are), having an adventure, dawn yoga under huge flame-red skies, daily journaling, inspiration around a camp fire, sleeping out under a myriad of stars, meeting with Namibian mums and hearing their stories… and all else that expedition life has to offer.


Maverick Mums and The Matriarch Adventure


The adventure is built around a sustainable low-impact model and is facilitated by conservation group EHRA (Elephant-Human Relations Aid), an NGO promoting coexistence between local people and elephants in the growing competition for access to water in Namibia.

The EHRA Peace Project leader is also head elephant-tracker for the Maverick Mums Matriarch Adventure, making this search for the elusive African matriarchs steeped in education as well as beauty. A minimum £850 from each fee goes to EHRA.

Tipped by ABTA Love Travel as one of 2020’s hottest travel destinations, Namibia with Maverick Mums and The Matriarch Adventure™ offers women the opportunity for a deeper more meaning experience than a regular safari or holiday can offer. An afternoon of songs and stories shared with local community women makes a unique opportunity to discover that even on another continent there is more that connects us than divides us.


Maverick Mums and The Matriarch Adventure


Rhiannons tells us “The hardest part is deciding to put yourself first and step from the front door into the wilderness of Namibia. I have no let go of the ‘mum guilt’ and know that the example I am setting my daughter is that of strong, happy mothers who can live and love for themselves, not just for their children.”

If you would like to read more about Rhiannon’s personal journey and be inspired to take the step from the front door into the wildnerness of Namibia, you can find details of the next ‘Maverick Mums Matriarch Adventure’ trip running from 6-15 May 2022 on or follow her on Facebook @maverickmumsuk or on Instagram @maverickmums


Maverick Mums and The Matriarch Adventure


*Images courtesy of The Matriarch Adventure™