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Book Review

14th October 2020

There are some really great books out there and we’d like to harness the power of community to shout about which ones are worthy of your precious and limited time – particularly the ones that speak to women’s mental health or wellbeing in some way.

So, how will it work? If you’ve read a book and loved it, and can relate it in some way to women’s mental health or wellbeing, then we’d love if you’d consider reviewing it for the website.

As a ‘thank you’ we’ll send a copy of the book to either someone you nominate (a friend, colleague, etc.) or a member of our community. In the latter case, we would give the book away at random via Instagram stories. We’re pretty excited because we think that this is a really fun and effective way to nurture connectivity and a sense of community!

*There are affiliate links to purchase the reviewed books included at the end of each book review post. Making a purchase via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any extra money but it means that we will get paid a small percentage. This money helps us to continue to be able to pour time and effort into creating valuable, free resources for the women, like you, who need them. If one of our book reviews inspires you to read a particular book we would be really appreciative if you would either get it via your local library or purchase it through the affiliate link provided. We do not link to Amazon because this company does not align with our values. 

Contact us if you’d like to share a review. Don’t forget to look through the Blog tab for all of the book reviews, they’ll be marked with our Book Review emblem and should be easy to spot!