My favourite place in Bristol.


6th September 2020

Are you heading to Bristol and looking for things to do? Do you want to know where my favourite place in Bristol is?

The most intersting, prettiest place in Bristol is the University of Bristol Botanic Garden. It’s somewhere that you’d be hard pressed not to feel grounded and at peace. It’s not huge but it’s big enough; there are huge greenhouses full of tropical plants and a variety of outdoor areas too, including a pond and cafe so you can sit, relax and just ‘be’. For kids they have an interactive trail map and so, while you have to be careful near the pond, it’s actually a nice place to bring kids.

We’ve been to the Bristol Botanical Gardens many times and have really fallen in love with it. We discovered it a few years ago when my (professional photographer) hubby needed to source an engagement shoot location and have made many family trips back since. It’s great for photos, photoshoots and if you just want to spend some leisurely time in a beautiful, tranquil place. *It’s also free entry for students!

Why am I sharing this bit of non-mental health related info?

Because it’s not really non-mental health related. Hobbies and leisurely activities are good for our wellbeing, and there’s considerable evidence that fresh air and being outdoors is good for our mental health. We try to do one family outing per week, and it’s usually something (like this) that we can all enjoy together. Going to the same places can be boring which means the kids start getting their thrills in other ways (read: being cheeky or naughty), so I’m always on the hunt for new, fun places to visit and things to do.

Regardless of whether or not you have kids, I thought you’d like this little tip on a pretty spot to visit in Bristol, Somerset. I’ve never visited without kids but everytime I go I think about how nice it would be to come alone with a journal or a book to read.

Let me know if you go. I’d love to hear about your experience and if you enjoyed it!


To give you an idea of what it’s like here are some of my favourite photos from our visits:

mother holding her baby close amidst pretty plant foliage at Bristol Botanical Gardens



This was also the first place where we all visited as a family of five! Admittedly, it’s not hugely relaxing having to navigate it in a large double buggy and so I’d highly reccomend bringing single buggies and/or baby carriers to those visiting with young kids or babes.


woman and her three young daughters posing in a greenhouse



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