I’ve been mentally designing and decorating our family home for what feels like forever, and now that we’re in and in the midst of it I am becoming increasingly aware of how important our physical space is. Not only in regards to the things which we surround ourselves with, but also the ways in which we choose to live – surrounded by knick-knacks and clutter, purchasing things on a whim or making long, painstaking decisions with the hope that we ‘get it right’ the first time. My goal is to be slow and conscious, but the reality is that this isn’t my natural inclination (I’m impulsive and sometimes foolhardy) and so it is a work in progress. I want to share with you why I’m trying, though. It’s because that while I can see – and truly believe – that the space which we occupy directly and significantly influences our mood and experiences, we also have a responsibility to consume less and more wisely. Ideally, buy vintage or second-hand items and only what you truly need and love. Take a moment to stop and think, possibly even sleep on, that paint colour decision. Paint it once and not only will you save yourself the hassle of multiple paint jobs but you’ll also be making the more environmental decision, too. I’m imperfect and while I do my best to make the responsible decision, sometimes I fail or am swayed by the lure of something shiny and new. Also, let’s be real, a truly environmental, ethical and sustainable lifestyle is usually quite pricey. I wanted to buy eco-paint, did the research and whoah is it expensive! I just couldn’t justify it as we had to paint the entire house, on top of all of the other renovation bills coming in at the same time + continuing to support our growing family.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post how I grew up within a very environmentally-minded family (something which I rebelled against when I was younger) and I am now trying to marry my desire for a stylish and comfortable life with my values and knowledge that I should be doing better and more. I don’t believe that they ever intended or would want me to feel guilty or self-critical, but with this knowledge comes increasing responsibility.

It’s a complicated subject (and one we cannot shy away from) but in this instance I thought I’d balance it out with some of my favourite home inspiration images, just for fun. Don’t forget to head on over to Pinterest and follow along here!

This is my inspiration for the girls room. I’m not taking it hugely literally, but I like the tones and whimsical nature, as well as the animals!

This one I’m taking literally. I’m actually painting the girls wardrobe this very color, although I wasn’t able to source one as nice as this!

This was my dream bathroom, but in reality I’ve had to make some practical concessions. That wall tile pattern is pricey!! Also, sadly I was talked out of the freestanding bath.

Plants, plants, plants.

Record player on top of a vintage sideboard, hubby’s dream scenario.

Love this bed frame, ours is very similar and I like how it’s been styled here.

As I write this I’m in the middle of sourcing all of things which we need for this epic plant shelf!


Also, here are some sites which I’ve discovered that are really interesting and informative while moving beyond the (out-dated) granola-hippie cliche:

Eco Warrior Princess Eco Age Green Matters Fashion Revolution

Keep an eye out, I’ll be posting a home tour soon! xx