Family album: a few favourites from the past year.

2nd April 2019

I’ve disappeared into the rabbit hole of family photos…

Here are some of my absolute favourites from the past year or so, in no particular order.

Mirror selfie with my oldest baby.

I think this is first photo with all three girls. It’s a shame you can only see enough of Sybil to know she’s bawling her eyes out!
Someone’s used to posing for Daddy!
Mallorca, Spring 2018. We didn’t know it yet, but this was actually a photo of all FIVE of us!
Sister love. Poppy was showing Tallulah how to read the map.
One of my all time favourite photos! The very first photo of either one of us with Poppy. This was the first night she was born. I had lost so much blood that I slept (passed out?) for nearly 24 hours, so Andy held Poppy all night. Also, how much did she look like him?!
When you hate having your photo taken it means your wife has to resort to creepy ninja-tactics like hovering over you while you’re sleeping.
“Mummy, we’re best friends, aren’t we?” I hope I remember this always.
Mum and Dad, 2017 (I think).


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