St. Patrick’s Day, to me, conjures up memories of searching for last minute green clothes, watching Finian’s Rainbow and listening to my father put on an Irish accent so badly that it verged on offensive. Speaking to him the other day, he reminded me of how important little family traditions are. He started the conversation by saying that he wished he had put more effort into this when my sister and I were younger, but I don’t think he’s giving himself enough credit. Often times it’s the little things which are most clearly remembered and treasured. Case in point, his obsession with bad holiday films (particularly Finian’s Rainbow and Groundhog Day) and his total inability to replicate accents.

I’m somewhere in the vicinity of 1/3 Irish (a statement that my husband declared ‘so American’), which is just enough for me to claim heritage and (in another lifetime) all the green beer. So yesterday, in this lifetime, we decided to make green pancakes. They were a smashing success, and the most thoroughly enjoyed dinner of the week. We’ve decided to make this our first of what I hope will be a collection of family traditions – and, who knows, maybe when the girls are a bit older we’ll torture them with Finian’s Rainbow, too.

Do you have any fun family traditions, either that you’ve started or are carrying on?