Motherhood right now.

20th January 2019

I’ve decided to start a new series on the blog, and am calling it ‘Motherhood right now’. In all honesty, this isn’t a totally new series or even name, as I’ve been inspired by Latonya Yvette – a Brooklyn mother of two who hails from my old neighbourhood (that’s right, nostalgia overload with every single photo) and shares posts like this regularly. I love reading about her experiences of motherhood and think that it’s such a great way to slow down and check in on the things that really matter. Also, I find it’s a great source of inspiration, so if I can pass that on than all the better.

The past few months have, in all reality, been the hardest ones of my life. As a family we have juggled far more than is reasonable or should be managed, and it has taken it’s toll on all of us. Both Andy and I have been stressed out and run down, and dealt with some physical ailments as a result – like, a hernia (Andy) and a chest infection (me). What does this have to do with mothering? Well, it’s hugely affected our ability to parent in the way which we want to, and which we have accustomed our children to. We’ve had support in the form of in-laws, and it has taken a while for this to happen, but the stress eventually did trickle it’s way down to the kids. Namely, in the form of rebellious behaviour and frequent high-pitched shrieking. Bet you can’t tell which symptom accompanies which child?!!?

Our initial response – based on the fact that this is completely new territory for us – was discipline, which I now realise was the wrong tactic considering the circumstances. Obviously, it was completely ineffective and only increased everyone’s stress levels. We’ve since made some headway through consciously slowing down, being less reactive, and working hard to show each other affection. Parenthood certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, but all of these little hurdles help us grow together and when everything clicks into place it really is so beautiful.

sisters in matching pyjamas sitting on couch relaxing candid photo
I love this ‘real’ photo of sisterhood. They so often want to be by each other’s side, regardless of the circumstances or what they’re doing. 

Being that we’re now in the month of January, when everyone is busy trying to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own intentions for this new year. I’ve realised that, despite all of the photos that we take (my husband is a professional photographer for pete’s sake) that we have very few actually printed and on display in our home. We also have next to none taken from the perspective of the little people. One of my goals is going to be to get our family an instant camera (like a Fujifilm Instax Mini) so that we can capture all of these sweet moments in childhood, because they really are so fleeting – and what better way to do this than to include the children’s perspective too?! Poppy has long since been keen on taking photographs (she want’s to be daddy’s assistant when she’s bigger, be still my heart), and so this seems like the perfect way to nurture her interest.

Another goal which I’ve been ruminating over – I usually do that for a good long while before implementing anything – is to get more organised. With another little one’s arrival potentially imminent, this seems more important than ever. Getting school uniforms and bags prepared the night before, becoming better at meal planning and creating shopping lists (hello, online grocery shopping), and creating some family rule and chore charts are all things which will makes our lives easier, run more smoothly and will leave us the space to enjoy the bits that really matter.

Do you have any parent-based goals or resolutions of your own?

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