A few days ago I posted a gift guide for kids, which included some independent, eco-friendly, sustainable, or charitably-minded companies which had great offerings for the little people in your life. The point wasn’t to encourage more mindless consumerism – rather, the opposite! I’ve becoming increasingly concerned with the impact our collective lifestyles are having on the planet. We’ve become a ravenous, throwaway society, and instilling values about consumerism and environmental awareness is something which I believe should be high on every parents ‘must do’ list. This Christmas we’ve pared back our purchases and have focused on spending our money in ways which reflect these values. 

… and because Christmas isn’t all about the kids, here is a gift guide for grownups too! 

This was particularly fun to create as many of these resonate quite strongly with my current head space. It was only after I finished that I realised that the whole collection was very much geared towards being in your ‘safe space’, your home. At first glance this little guide may appear to be geared to women, but I’ve made sure to include plenty of gender neutral options – and, of course, the meaning behind many of these gift ideas can be replicated through other similar choices (a local maker or a different selection of inspirational/educational book, for example).  

Featured above are: Lunaria, an absolutely stunning independently-owned plant shop based out of Bruton which carries a wide array of beautiful house plants and pots (+ does event arrangements); Lima Lima, a Bristol-based jewellery artist who makes unique creations out of eco-silver; Another Escape, a high-quality journal which describes themselves as ‘an outdoor lifestyle, creative culture, and sustainable living publication’; Sleepy Doe, a British sleepwear brand which uses organic materials and ensures that the methods of manufacturing are ethical, sustainable and in the UK; Pure Earth, a provider of organic juices and cleanses (+ they can be gifted via gift card!); The Positive Planner, an independently created journal which inspires mindfulness and gratitude, and encourages mental wellbeing; Bath Holistic Massage, a lovely and talented masseuse who works in Somerset and offers holistic and tailored massages, particularly specialising in pregnancy and post natal massage; Live Green, a practical guide full of ways which you can adapt you home and lifestyle to reduce your impact on the environment – due out in January but now available for preorder.     

*Not an ad, but rather this (mindful consumerism) is something that I feel increasingly passionate about.