19 weeks!!! It’s hard to imagine that we’re already almost half way through this pregnancy. Confession time, the only reason that I actually know exactly how far along I am is because I had to follow up on my twenty week scan and the midwife told me. With this baby I’m trusting my instincts a whole lot more and as long as I’m feeling ok (which I have been so far) I’m just rolling with it. I seem to be relying on those week-by-week pregnancy tracker sites/apps less and less with each pregnancy, although I’ve been feeling a lot of kicking and movement lately which has prompted me to log on and discover that baby is now the size of a mango!

Pregnant woman walking outside in England Autumn pregnancy style

Should we take bets on whether it’s a boy or a girl?! I’m not one for surprises and I CANNOT WAIT to find out the gender of this sweet mango-sized babe, and yes, as soon as we know than we will tell you! I have a feeling that it’s a boy, and we have only just agreed on a girl’s name – which virtually assures that it’s going to be a boy! As long as they are healthy than I’ll be happy, but I will say that the idea of having a boy makes me a bit nervous, it’s all so unknown. Cue two weeks worth of excited and impatient jitters.

mother pregnancy pregnant with baby in arms looking at camera standing against a wall

As for the practical logistics, we’ve started to think about the gear we are going to need – although in truth it’s a pretty pared down list. That’s the beauty of shopping for a third baby, you know exactly what you need and what is completely unnecessary. Also, because Tallulah and her new brother or sister will be so close in age we have kept many of her baby things to pass on, thus the shopping list is small. What I will be indulging in however, is luxurious winter baby essentials. Since both Poppy and Tallulah were summer babes I never got to cocoon either of them in cozy knits and sheepskin as a newborn. I’m so looking forward to cold-weather snuggles!

Send baby names our way, please!!! Also, do you know of any companies doing beautiful, soft knitwear for newborns? x