I always feel totally out of the loop. Like, seriously, how does everyone know about _ ? (Fill in the blank with pretty much anything, I’m always the last to know). I’m many things but hip/with-it/tuned-in is not one of them. I’ve decided to do a (rather sporadic) roundup of some of the things I’ve discovered and loved – or in this particular case, am in the middle of doing and/or am excited about. I wish (sort of) that I had enough “me time” to make this a weekly thing, but I don’t and so I won’t. I’ll just take you by surprise every so often.

Watching: The Collection on Amazon Prime. It’s just so, so good. I love fashion (obviously, I used to work in the industry) but I also love history and period dramas, and this delivers on all accounts.

Reading: Dear Ijeawele: A feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions. I actually picked this up as a result of an Elle recommendation and it REALLY didn’t disappoint. But then again, does Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ever disappoint? It is not only about raising feminists but also about being one, and indeed, about being a whole person. I completely and whole-heartedly recommend this book. It was the most powerful 61 pages I’ve ever read.

Listening: This time of year I always find myself craving A Tribe Called Quest. It remind me of hot, pavement-cracking New York summers, and it fills me with nostalgia as much as it pumps me up for the summer months. The rest of the year I’m all about country, folksy music and eighties pop, but as the spring turns to summer it’s hip hop and reggae every damn day – when I’m not listening to Moana on repeat, obviously.

Doing: We’re in the middle of planning our trip to Vermont in August. It will be just me and the girls this time, but I’m oh-SO-excited. To say that “home” is calling me is a massive understatement, and I feel hugely emotional about getting back there (perhaps permanently in the future, who knows). I’m also planning a long weekend away for Andy and I to Lisbon in October. Neither of us have ever been but we’ve been wanting to go for ages. Who has been and can share tips or suggestions?! Help a woman out. We want to experience culture, eat good food and drink good wine.

What are some of the things that you’ve been watching, reading, and listening to? Are you planning any upcoming holidays?