Hello, there! Welcome to Luella and Rose – your go-to mental health hub for women seeking community, connection, self-love and trustworthy information. This is a safe and judgment-free space that supports the full experience of womanhood. On these pages you’ll find helpful guides, information from professionals and frank but compassionate conversations.

The subject of mental health tends to be pretty heavy but we’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring that this website feels like a positive and hopeful place. This means that we like to feature stories of recovery and inspiring projects, not that we sugarcoat the reality. 

Luella and Rose was founded by a mental health nurse and has been built by women who want to see you thrive.


headshot of founder Iris Brannan

Hi, I'm Iris - a registered mental health nurse and mother of three. This space was born from my own experience of being mentally unwell postnatally, but not unwell enough to receive the specialist support that I wanted and needed from the NHS. I had to figure out how to help myself, however all of the resources I found online were impersonal and faceless, which didn't help with how alone I felt in my suffering (this was before women started speaking so openly and frequently about their mental health on social media).

Collectively, we must do better. We all deserve better.

This space caters to all women, not just those who identify as mothers.

There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.

- Leonard Cohen